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Pigozzi Impiantistica Srl
The Company, certified ISO 9001/2008 , born in the 1989 is the evolution of the paternal born in the 1940 for the construction of electrical plants. Currently it is composed by about 90 people, including employers and collaborators. We are also associated with engineering and professional firms for various technical and commercial cooperations.

Our activities are developed half in extra european countries mainly for the construction of turbogas, thermo-electrical power plants, oil and gas refineries, pipelines. The remaining activities are developed in Italy in the industrial, naval, oil and gas, mills, glasseares, water depuration, power production also renewable, wood and brick industries.

Pigozzi Impiantistica is present in Kazakhstan with the Pigozzi Impiantistica KZ Branch and with the K.S.G.I. - Kazakhstan Servizi Generali Industriali in Aksay (KZ).

From 1990 it is linked with P.S.G. - Pigozzi Servizi Generali of Bucarest (RO), which take cares of Engineers, Team leaders and foremens selection for foreign yards. It is also associated with PI.CO., Society of Milazzo for works in the south Italy.

Our particolar specialization is the complete carrying out of small and medium size foreign activities with italian human resources and equipment, in cooperation with romanian personnel of various qualification and fields. For big international activities PSG provides to the Main Contractor his personnel with the following qualifications :: Safety Eng., Planner Eng., QA/QC Eng., Designer Planner, Draft Man, Surveyor, Foreman, Inspector, Installing electrician & instrumentation, Pipe fitter, Mechanical assembler, Carpenter, Insulator, Crane operator, Welder Qualified (TIG/SMAW), etc.



Ultimo aggiornamento : Giugno 2009

Pigozzi Impiantistica Srl - Sede : Via A. Gramsci 2/A 46036 - Revere(MN) - Tel : 0386/467260 - Fax : 0386/467261
Partita IVA : 01537260208

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